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Healthy food
Healthy food is in trend nowadays, but I am not a nutritionalist. So I will discover it with you.
Advertizing food and drinks it is not only about to emphasize the attention on the product. Viewers should want to dsicover the image with all the details.
While photographing landscape one shoots the scene with right point of view. Food styling means the creation of the scene.
Famous Dishes
The well-known deliciousness
It's quite a challenge to take a picture of dishes which everybody knows, it's like a photograph of The Eiffel Tower - nobody expects to see something new and interesting. Nevertheless, when you talk about food... when you cook food, these dishes one can see from a new angle with irresistible wish to try it.
Varoius drinks
Drink it.
Whatever you drink either morning coffee or refreshing beverage during the hot day, either healthy green tea or a glass of wine after the hard day with delicious antipasti, all these drinks can bring you the real pleasure if they are right prepared and served.
Asian cuisine
Oriental delicious
Flavor richness of Asian dishes is truly exciting and the main reason for it is variety of spices, seasonings and cooking methods. Curry, lemon grass, sesame, ginger, garlic, chili, kaffir lime, cumin and many other spices enrich taste of rice, vegetables, fish and meat. Don't also forget famous Asian sauces such as soy, fish, oyster, hoisin, plum, XO... All this abundance makes Asian cuisine really unforgettable.
Italian cuisine
Everyone loves it.
Italian cuisine is known worldwide for its incredible variety of dishes. Pasta, pizza, lasagna, risotto, not to mention famous desserts like tiramisu or zabaglione - you can always find something to your taste. The secret of Italians' success is using natural high-quality ingredients for cooking, such as olive oil, fresh herbs and even wine.
Mexican cuisine
Spicy and healthy.
The most surprising fact about Mexican cuisine is that better part of its top dishes includes only a few ingredients - corn, beans and chili. Don't you beleive it? OK, let's refresh our memory of the most popular Mexican food: chili con carne, tortillas, tacos, burrito, chipotle... And of course, fresh avocados and tomatoes also contribute to the diversity of taste
Bread & Sandwiches
Finger food that you like.
A piece of bread is not just a basis where you can put your ingredients to make a sandwich. It helps you achieve a healthy eating pattern with carbohydrates and microelements and reveals the taste of fillings.
Fresh seafood
Healthy tasty.
I like to photograph seafood, it looks yummy even in a raw state. Fish, molluscs, crustaceans have strong benefits to human health - everybody knows about containing of omega-3 fats and essential minerals in it. Besides, seafood is just delicious.
Juicy meat
A vital source of protein
Few can refuse a piece of delicious, juicy, freshly grilled meat. Even though some of us are vegetarians, many people love and enjoy various meat products and dishes from jamon and sausages to beef steak and turkey.
You can't refuse from savory liquid.
Various soups are present in many couisines worldwide. Which one do you like more? Spicy, creamy, asian-style? Maybe with seafood, vegetables or meat?
Desserts and sweets
Let them eat cake.
Why not pamper yourself with something sweet sometimes? Especially if it is a dessert cooked on the recipe from the famous chef?
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